About the Artist

Hey there. Kylee here.
I am a wife; mama of two babes and lots of plants and one horse sized dog; therapist by day and artist by design. My journey into art as work has been interesting to say the least, but I wouldn't change it. When decided to go to college, I just knew I loved people and wanted to make a difference. I never thought my love for art could be anything more than a hobby, or I might have pursued it then. I chose social work and 100% believe that it was the perfect path for me. As I became a professional, a homeowner, and a mother, I found that I needed something that was "mine". Something I did just because it made me feel good and that I felt good at. So many roles of my life were relatively new and it was a time that I didn't really feel like I was good at anything. Art had always been my escape, and this was still true. Art became my self care. I began sharing it with others a while later, and soon began selling it. I started a DIY Workshop business with a friend and it surprisingly became a way that our family paid for vacations and extra things. I began to expand my skills into graphic design and digital work, and large scale art such as murals, storefront windows, and chalkboard work. Soon, "Artist" was as much of my identity as was "social worker". After venturing into screen printing with a friend over the last few years, I began to think it might be something I would want to delve further into as the next step for my art business, and my husband agreed. So, the opportunity presented it's self, and Flourish + Folk came to be. I have found that putting my art on something wearable and/or usable is the most gratifying, satisfying process, and that it can be a really simple and effective way to put some good back out into the world by creating thoughtful wording and artwork. I hope my work brings a simple joy, a needed encouragement, and a gentle reminder that there are folks out there that just want to see us all flourish. 
With Love, K