PYOP-Paint Your Own Pottery

Exactly as much fun as it sounds. 

Here's how it works:

You come in. Peruse our shelves of ready-for-color bisque pieces. Choose one, and decide your color scheme. Visit our color bar and get your palette ready, choose your brushes and tools. Sit down and create! When you're finished, you leave your piece with us and we will clear coat and fire it for you (finishing it and creating a waterproof barrier), and will call you when you can come get your functional piece of art. Kid friendly!

We offer walk-in paint on Saturdays, and are available by private booking for small groups and private parties. With enough notice we can even special order specific pieces and colors for you to work on at your small event. 

For events and birthday parties larger than we can accomodate in studio, we are happy to create take & make packs for your guests. We need some head's up if you want to pick specific items, to allow ordering and shipping time.

To book a private event or discuss custom party supply, get started by filling out the form below!