So you painted your own pottery-Now what?

Care & Use of Handmade Ceramics

Care: For lasting integrity, be sure to hand-wash & dry; avoid the microwave and stovetop; avoid display in direct sunlight for extended periods of time to keep colors vibrant. Take care when using metal food utensils-silicone is more friendly and will not scratch the glaze. 

Food Use and Safety: We use Mayco Glazes at our studio, specifically and exclusively the "Stroke & Coat" line, and their crystal clear dip glaze-which we dip each piece in prior to firing for you. All of these are lead free, non-toxic, and food safe. Food-use items need three coats of glaze to be fully sealed and properly prepped for food use-you will be directed to put two full coats on your piece in the studio, and we dip in clear glaze for the final and third coat in the kiln room. Your piece will be inspected after firing(not always a perfect process) for flaws that may compromise food-use such as chips, cracks, etc. and we will point out any of these to you that we identify at pickup. However:

It will be your responsibility to care for your item and inspect regularly for flaws, and decide if the item is still appropriate for food use. 

Chips, cracks, warps, sharp places, etc would all be reasons to retire an item from food use. Inspect during washing and drying with your eyes and fingertips.

Ceramics have the potential to last forever if cared for appropriately!