Visiting Artist Program

We LOVE to work with other artists. We are artist owned and we know the frustration of wanting to merchandise your art and running into roadblocks, as well as the absolute satisfaction of finally seeing your art printed professionally on something cool, like a tee shirt.
When we launched this business, we knew we would want to reach out to creatives and collaborate often-which led to the Visiting Artist Program.
How it works: Artist submits interest in the program, using the form below. We review submissions daily and make choices month to month. If your art is selected for our visiting artist collection, we will obtain needed written permissions from you for use of your artwork. We then prepare it and print it! We host the design in our "Visiting Artist" collection on our website. Benefits include promotion of your artwork, hosting of the work in a retail setting with zero overhead or inventory management for you, an up-front design payment, and a free tee with your art on it!
If you are interested in applying for our Visiting Artist Program or learning more, use the form below to let us know!