Welcome to our Shop+Studio

A little space where you can find handpicked gifts, shop our original designs, talk about custom services, pick-up orders, and maybe even do a little creating yourself.

Need Shirts? We got you.

We provide quality screen printing services for businesses, individuals, events, groups, and regular folks! All-inclusive pricing, discounts as the piece count rises, and we even offer free delivery in-town. Check out the details & contact us today for a quote.

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  • Family Owned

    From the design, to the printing, to the folding, packaging, marketing, shipping, social media-ing, to all the other things that make this little gig happen-it's done by us, with love. When you shop with us, you support our freedom to work for ourselves with our little ones by our side, and for that we are so thankful for YOU!

  • By hand.

    We pull each print by hand around here. We believe that what while what we do is a skill, it is also an artform and we take a lot of pride in the fact that we use a manual press. Each design starts as a sketch, and while we do use fonts on occasion, most of our graphics are hand drawn. It is definitely not the "easy" way, but we think it's worth it.

  • Encouragement.

    Words matter. They have power. What we say to people leaves a mark on them, and on us. We believe that there is something pretty magical about passing on a little encouragement. We create with the intention and hope that our work makes it's way to somebody who might need a little pep-talk.

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