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Flourish and Folk

Greenhouse Rental

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Rental Rates and Additions

Welcome friends!

We are so excited to share our greenhouse with you, and to see what our space can offer your special moment or creative vision! 

Something to note:

While we LOVE sharing our greenhouse with others, it's important to remember that it is located at our home. You are a WELCOME guest but please remember we live here, we have neighbors, and this is our personal yard and garden where we grow food and herbs for our family. With that in mind, please know how excited we are to work with you!


Step 1: Check availability: You can call or text Kylee at 580-235-9150. We still schedule old-school around here!

Step 2: Select the rental option that suits your need. Note: If you are booking minis, please do not book more than 4 clients per hour. 

Step 3: Within 24 hours of you placing your booking order, you will receive a follow up email or message to communicate directions, parking info, and to arrange props or special accommodations.

With any questions, feel free to reach out to Kylee via call or text: 580-235-9150

Day Rates for Photographers: $50/hour, $25/additional hour, $110/4 hour block


We are so excited for you to visit!

Terms & Conditions-Please read & by confirming your purchase you agree to the following: 

  • You are responsible for your guests, please communicate these terms with them prior to your visit. 
  • Mini Sessions are allowed, but there is a limit of 4 clients per hour to allow time between each visitor to our property. Guests are preferred to remain in their vehicles if waiting for you, and are asked not to explore or play in our yard, garden, outbuildings. We would like to avoid people waiting in line as much as possible, and ask that your clients arrive right on time and not early for their session. 
  • We do not currently have restroom for visitors, or a dressing room.
  • Please adhere to your time slot, there may be visitors scheduled right before or after you. Depending on availability, we may be able to accommodate a 15 minute space before your session for you to arrive and set up, just ask. If it will take you longer than 15 minutes to prepare, please reflect that in the amount of time you choose to book. 
  • Children are WELCOME! Just please do not allow them to roam the yard or do any of the items on the NO list below.
    • Climbing-Greenhouse Structure, trees, furniture, outbuildings in our yard.
    • Picking Flowers
    • Stepping in Flowerbeds
    • Digging
    • Tobacco or Marijuana products of any kind.
    • Open Flames 
    • Approaching, petting, or feeding our(or our neighbor's) animals.
    • Exploring around the property or entering our fenced back yard.
  • Payment is fully refundable within 14 days of purchase. Just let us know if plans change.
  • The property directly west of our yard is not fenced, but belongs to our neighbor. You can see the property line based on where we stop mowing. You may shoot that direction, but try not to walk around on that side too much. She has been a good sport with people getting on that side to shoot in the wildflowers a bit, but we need to try and be respectful of the property line. 
  • The contents of the greenhouse vary depending on temperatures and time of year. Once your date is confirmed we can discuss specifics of what will be inside so you can plan. 
  • You may bring in some of your own props, just please communicate your plans as soon as possible before your session so we can approve. 
  • Please note that the floor of the greenhouse is paving stones. The cracks and bumps are what give the place part of it's charm, but if you aren't careful they can cause stumbles, so please bear that in mind and take care of yourself and your guests.
  • There are some cacti inside the greenhouse and growing next to it. We try to keep potted ones too high for little hands to reach or for arms to inadvertently brush against, but it would be wise to take note of anything prickly upon arrival to avoid painful pokes for yourself or clients-especially kids/babies!
  • Renter is responsible for damages to greenhouse, plants/pots, and garden beds. 
  • The greenhouse itself does not have electricity, but we can run an extension cord for you from our nearby shop building if needed, just let us know.
  • Please clean up after yourself & remove all trash, take props with you and please replace any pots/plants to their original location if any were slightly moved. 
  • Please arrive and depart on time. We may have other visitors scheduled or family things to take care of in the yard.
  • Thomas & Kylee Lee, Flourish Greenhouse, Flourish + Folk LLC are not responsible for personal injury or damage to client/guest property. All clients and invited guests enter the premises at their own risk and assume full responsibility for the safety of themselves/dependents & property.
  • Please communicate these terms with your guests, and remind them that this is located on private property at our primary residence. 


  By submitting payment you, and any client or guest of yours to our property, agree to all terms. Driving directions and parking info will be sent via email or text after payment is confirmed. Thank you so much, can't wait to see you!